Siamo onde dello stesso mare - We are waves of the same sea



Siamo onde dello stesso mare - We are waves of the same sea​

E' il primo mattone di un ampio progetto installativo che vedrà, accanto a opere di "caldo" impatto emotivo, testi che implicano la fisica quantistica, come finestre affacciate sui suoi misteriosi e meravigliosi mondi.

L'installazione, commissionata dal Comune di Roma per il Capodanno 2020, avrebbe dovuto essere presentata sui Fori Imperiali, e finì in streaming, come tutta la manifestazione.


We are waves of the same sea​

It is the first brick of a large installation project that will see, alongside works of "warm" emotional impact, texts involving quantum physics, like windows overlooking its mysterious and wonderful worlds.  

Commissioned by the Municipality of Rome for New Year 2020, it should have been presented on the Imperial Forums, and ended up in streaming like the whole event.


Here the text, played in Italian by the actres Amanda Sandrelli:


Teo and Pietro, at the age of nine, invented the theory of the di-eqaul: we are equal and we are different, we are different but we are the equal, therefore we are di-equal. And that makes sense.

For Anna, who studies particle physics, opposites are complementary, complementary parts in a dynamic becoming. The individual parts of the Universe, and therefore us too, cannot be understood as isolated entities, but only as an integrated part of the whole.

Hiko is Japanese and for her good and bad, life and death, black and white, do not belong to different categories, but are two sides of the same reality, yin and yang.

And Amanda recalled the verse from Seneca that we discovered, or rediscovered, in the months of the spring lockdown

We are waves of the same sea