A tale in 5 chapters named after the months of a past summer.

The mirror as matter and metaphor of desire and nostalgia


March 11, 2020


Art is a guaranty of sanity, writes Louise Bourgeois.


It is the first image of the solo exhibition for Palazzo Merulana - Rome, whose opening should have been today, March 11, 2020 as part of Eros, a series of three exhibitions. The first was Tina Modotti, the second me, and obviously that didn't happen.


I chose the words of Louise Bourgeois as a prologue and introduction to the exhibition months ago, and today, in the distorted life that unites us, they evidently also have another echo referring to our physical health for which art can now do very little.

But if we broaden our gaze instead, yes, it's true, art IS a guaranty of sanity, and we know it, and you know it. It gives us pleasure and beauty, an even more precious gift in this moment in which the perimeter of our actions has shrunk.

I made my fingers dancing on the words of Louise Bourgeois which I then chose to print on a Japanese sail in mulberry fiber,

strong and delicate.